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Meet Your Hosts!

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Tami Hillberry is a native Texan, a playwright, performer, and artist, a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, and the person that makes Amie laugh the hardest. Amie Enriquez is a native New Yorker, a writer, performer and puppeteer, a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the person that makes Tami laugh the hardest. Together, they are your awesome hosts!

Tami and Amie met while performing at the Second City in Hollywood, CA. After discovering their shared obsession with all things ghostly, goblin-y, and witchy, they turned their passion into art and wrote a series of live sketch shows called “Ghosts: Busted!”, about a pair of amateur ghost hunters who booze it up to investigate LA’s most haunted theaters. After a finale on the Comedy Central stage, they took to the web and created a series called “Ghostly Drinks” and a musical parody called “Disney Moms” in which they portray the dead mothers of Disney princesses. Tami and Amie have inevitably become the go-to girls for people who want to share their ghost stories, and they have large volumes of their own. They are very excited to share Banshees and Booze with the world!

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